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I get the idea and don't totally disagree, but I think there are a few misconceptions in here.

Just because a project is made in react does not automatically mean it will have unreadable html, it can generate any html markup and can even be rendered on the server, meaning the user doesn't need JavaScript enabled on their device. My site - while not in great shape - is 100% react and fully readable (although minified by default).

And react is also built upon web standards, it works all the way back to IE9.

But of course there are plenty of valid concerns related to how MDN will use react, and what Facebook might decide to do with react in the future.


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Many times the MoFo sites built on React are unreadable to me.

This a trodden path when @mozilla adopts framework du juor and then the person who liked that framework leaves and then the projects dies.

Plus is React a W3C standard or does it use made up javascript?