Climatebase Fellowship - Week 1



  • Climate change discovered all the way back in the 1850s, by an american woman - Eunice Foote
  • Emission cuts should make up about 96% of the distance to net 0, and the bulk of the cuts are needed in the next decade
  • Carbon removal isn't making a difference yet - all removal that has been done to date is equivalent to around 30 seconds worth of worldwide emissions
  • The best climate solutions are:
  • Evidence based
  • Cheap
  • Ready to go
  • Targeted (geographically)
  • Granular (IE. not huge projects that need too much funding and red tape)
  • Nature doesn't have a design problem, people do
  • In general people are aware that climate change exists and is a problem, but the messaging can be scary.
  • Net 0 is about measuring how poorly we're doing, why not switch it to measure the good we are doing?
  • When building products, don't just think of the now, think about what happens after
  • Time to stop taking from the earth and instead reusing what we've already taken

Work & Projects

  • Energy, transport, food and agriculture make up over 75% of current climate jobs
  • Work should not be an obligation, you should be able to find a sense of purpose and fulfillment in it
  • All the fellows are new here, don't worry about being inexperienced
  • Just ask if you want help. The worst they can say is no.
  • When coming up with project ideas:
  • Notice problems in your day-to-day
  • Become an expert on your passions / something valuable
  • Pay attention to changes in the world around you (covid, AI etc.)
  • Talk to people and organizations about their problems
  • Launch fast, get evidence to see if it will work
  • Competitions isn't necessarily bad, but if there is none why so?
  • Never do the "same as x but cheaper". Do things different, not cheaper
  • Most ideas don't work out, but it's a learning process





Eventually got around to finishing GTA V in 2024. Still a great game.

I'm fully on board the web component train now πŸš‚

My little personal UI library is coming along quite nicely using Lit, now to see I get on exporting them for use in other projects...

Could 2024 be the year I get back to posting to my own website? I've got a bad track record, but maybe this is the year...


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So there I am walking along an empty street, not really paying much attention to where I'm going, and I kid you not I step directly on a banana peel, slip and fall on my arse. I thought it was a myth or a nonsense joke. But now I know it's a real life danger.

After 5+ years of messing around with it, I think I'm finally approaching an actual launch for Please feel free to try it out and let me know what you think πŸ™

Murcia 2018

Some photos from a short stopover in Murcia

Madrid 2018

Some photos from a visit to Madrid before deciding to move there.

Granada 2018