#100days 99 - Converted the alignment functionality in the PostrChild extension to be more reusable. It's now a higher order component that can be wrapped around blocks as needed.

#100days 98 - Also added better code block support to the PostrChild extension and improved how code blocks are shown on my site too.

#100days 97 - Applying what I figured out yesterday I added audio and video pasting support to the PostrChild extension.

I think I could be close to having it feature complete by the end of this #100days challenge

#100days 96 - Got pasting images working in the PostrChild extension. Now that is figured out it should be easy to do the same thing for video and audio files.

#100days 95 - Got the autosuggest working in PostrChild again by keeping the editor state more consistent. It may have a side-effect of not being able to update the editor content by passing new props. But I don't see that as much of an issue as the only time it is really needed is on first load to pre-fill from the cache or url parameters.

#100days 94 - Added a new monthly data file and added output of my body data (weight, bmi etc) to my monthly summaries.

There is an example at /2020/07 but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have any historical data yet so my graphs are a straight line.

#100days 93 - Also did a lot of attempting to debug the recently broken suggestion UI in the PostrChild extension, without much luck unfortunately. I know it works fine when I remove the functionality, but I've still not been able to track down the exact issue.

#100days 92 - I noticed my automated monthly data update didn't work so made a small tweak that should hopefully get it running.

#100days 91 - Did a bunch of work on the PostrChild extension and made a lot of big improvements, including

  • Loading the browser action popup way faster
  • Editing support
  • Restoring new posts from local cache
  • Get contact suggestions from the micropub endpoint

So it's now significantly closer to being ready for use, but I did break the autosuggestion UI, so I need to fix that again.

#100days 90 - Also today I finally re-enabled syndication from my site. So I'm showing up on twitter and telegram again now πŸ‘‹