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#100days Conclusion

So my second #100days challenge comes to an end, and I would say it was another success.

I maybe wasn't quite so strict with it as last time - I may have taken 101 days and what I did on each day varied quite a lot, but I now have 100 updates and achieved quite a lot in that time.

Let's take a look at some of the bigger things I worked on over those 100 days

Website Update

I launched the redesign and rebuild of my website. It's now a Next.js app, and I am super happy with how it looks and Next.js seems like the perfect choice for me and is only getting better with each update.

There are definitely still plenty of potential improvements to be made, but in general I'm really happy with how it turned out.

The montly and yearly summary pages are really fun and I'm happy with the overabundance of feeds that I now have available.

PostrChild Extension

Although I've still not got around to releasing version 2 of the PostrChild extension I have put a lot of work into and it is very nearly feature complete.

It's definitely much better and feature filled than the first version but there are a few little bugs to iron out before declaring it ready to be published.

Home Automation Improvements

I also made a decent amount of random home automation improvements over these 100 days, including tracking my weight, better person presence tracking, more light, motion and temperature sensors.

All in all it was a great success!

I will definitely continue with a lot of the projects I have been working on, but I think I will take a break for a while and do something else with my spare time - I think there are some unplayed video games that are calling out to me!

P.S. Also big shoutout to my fellow Kinsta coworkers who have also complete their 100 days of blogging!

#100days 99 - Converted the alignment functionality in the PostrChild extension to be more reusable. It's now a higher order component that can be wrapped around blocks as needed.

#100days 98 - Also added better code block support to the PostrChild extension and improved how code blocks are shown on my site too.

#100days 97 - Applying what I figured out yesterday I added audio and video pasting support to the PostrChild extension.

I think I could be close to having it feature complete by the end of this #100days challenge

#100days 96 - Got pasting images working in the PostrChild extension. Now that is figured out it should be easy to do the same thing for video and audio files.

#100days 95 - Got the autosuggest working in PostrChild again by keeping the editor state more consistent. It may have a side-effect of not being able to update the editor content by passing new props. But I don't see that as much of an issue as the only time it is really needed is on first load to pre-fill from the cache or url parameters.

#100days 94 - Added a new monthly data file and added output of my body data (weight, bmi etc) to my monthly summaries.

There is an example at /2020/07 but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have any historical data yet so my graphs are a straight line.

#100days 93 - Also did a lot of attempting to debug the recently broken suggestion UI in the PostrChild extension, without much luck unfortunately. I know it works fine when I remove the functionality, but I've still not been able to track down the exact issue.

#100days 92 - I noticed my automated monthly data update didn't work so made a small tweak that should hopefully get it running.

#100days 91 - Did a bunch of work on the PostrChild extension and made a lot of big improvements, including

  • Loading the browser action popup way faster
  • Editing support
  • Restoring new posts from local cache
  • Get contact suggestions from the micropub endpoint

So it's now significantly closer to being ready for use, but I did break the autosuggestion UI, so I need to fix that again.