#100days 53 - And another small update in my efforts to catch up!

To attempt to add images to that last post I made sure that the PostrChild extension will always add an empty paragraph to the end of the content if the last item is not a paragraph. So you can always write something after an image or different type of block.

If only the image handling wasn't so broken though πŸ˜…...

#100days 52 - I spent a bit of time cleaning up my Home Assistant dashboard and making it nice and pretty 🀩

The main view is much more organised and clean now by moving everything into sections and using cards for lots of controls.

And I also have a nice little person view which shows my body stats as well as my home status with the emoji 🏠

#100days 51 - Oopsies, didn't write this yesterday but I did do some more work on updating the css on my new site.

I am slowly moving away from styled components to sass & an occasional css module for components that aren't regularly used on every page. Mainly because that is built into Next.js so it's pretty easy to use.

#100days 50 - More work on my new site this time working on the article page styles. I am liking the new even bolder style.

And I can even share a test link so people can see progress in action

#100days 49 - Started a new project today. I am working on using Plaid to automatically pull transactions into my accounting software from multiple bank accounts. I would also hope to get it hooked into my chat bot for realtime(ish) updates so I can categorize transactions and add receipts as soon as they are available.

#100days 48 - Been working on the updated version of my site. Including improving the pagination methods and updating the styles. This time around I am thinking of going with extra large typography

#100days 47 - I've managed to get a few days behind, but only because I've been enjoying life, so I think that's an acceptable reason.

For a first update today I have put my personal telegram bot up on GitHub and moved it from glitch to my own server so that it runs more consistently.

#100days 46 - Finally got the ctrl+enter to publish shortcut working with the PostrChild browser extension! πŸ™Œ Only tool weeks of messing around with it...

I've now moved it to using a small global store so I should be able to move more of the state and actions there to keep everything nice and organised.

#100days 45 - Just a small (but potentially useful) update to the PostrChild extension. It will now read query parameters from your new post url and feed them into the new post. So for example I can link to /new?in-reply-to=https://example.comand it will load the editor as a reply to

I am also still thoroughly stuck on the ctrl+enter shortcut that I really want, but for some reason variables are reset somewhere in the shortcut handling code...

#100days 44 - Continuing the new site train πŸš‚πŸš‚

I tried out using some variable fonts but that was mostly a failure so far... and even though they are cool and useful, I really don't need them much, I'm only ever really likely to use a couple of styles on this site.