#100days 13 - Did some work on integrating my bathroom scale into my home automation.

It's sort of wildly over-engineered but I love it.

I have a raspberry pi near my bedroom with a script running that can read results from the scale via Bluetooth, it then sends the data over mqtt to my home assistant box at the other side of the apartment and that stores the information and runs an automation.

The automation gets the new data compares it to the last weight and then speaks it on the nearby Google home.

The result is I step on the scale, it shows my weight, then the Google home tells me the change since last time, my bmi and my fat.

I am 100% reporting my fat wrong, it's either - it is reporting "visceral fat" which is not the same as body fat percentage, so I need to change something somewhere. But all the data is there it's just a case of doing some simple calculations or changing what the speaker tells me.

Bonus video: